Faculty Academy 2012

Grant Potter

Plenary Presentation: Tinkering, Learning, and The Adjacent Possible

Wednesday, May 16 at 1:30 | Monroe 116

“to make your mind more innovative, you have to place it inside environments that share that same network signature: networks of ideas or people that mimic the neural networks of a mind exploring the boundaries of the adjacent possible.” ~
Steven Johnson, Where Good Ideas Come From The spaces we occupy and the tools we use in our teaching and learning create -and limit-  possibilities and opportunities for our students.  Creativity and innovation does not happen in isolation through epiphany but through open, transparent, and often chaotic processes of recombination of ideas through tinkering and experimentation. Supporting and growing such learning communities is much like being a member of the Apollo 13 mission – together we’ll look at ways of getting more parts on the table.


Grant Potter oversees research and development of technology mediated teaching and learning with the Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology at the University of Northern British Columbia.  Grant’s career as both an educator and administrator spans public and private education in K-12 and higher ed from the Canadian High Arctic to Asia.  Grant’s work meshes open source technology with his love of the DIY ethic.  When Grant is not working or hacking code and hardware, he can be found blogging at http://networkeffects.ca