Faculty Academy 2012

UMW E-Portfolio Pilot: What Did We Learn?

Presenters: Krystyn Moon Martha Burtis, Anand Rao, Cheryl Hawkinson-Melkun

This panel discussion will focus on the experiences of three faculty member and one DTLT specialist who participated in the Teaching Center’s e-portfolio pilot over the past academic year.  Each will address the following:

  • Martha Burtis will discuss the e-portfolio website that DTLT is developing.
  • Cheryl Hawkinson-Melkun will discuss how students in her Corporate Interpersonal Communications class created e-portfolios and personal branding to demonstrate their skills and abilities to potential employers.
  • Anand Rao will will talk about the development of eportfolios in his Visual Rhetoric course, and include some feedback from students about the utility of the assignment as well as the impact of having videos and eportfolios from the previous year to refer to.
  • Krystyn Moon will address e-portfolios as part of the history major’s methodology course and the impact of discussions on digital identity with students.

Author: Martha Burtis

Special Projects Coordinator

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