Faculty Academy 2012

Technology and Blogs in the Farmer FSEM

Presenters: Jess Rigelhaupt Rosalyn Cooperman, Melina Patterson, Craig Vasey, Suzanne Sumner, Jim Groom

This panel discussion will reflect on the use of blogs and technology in the FSEM on James Farmer and the Struggle for Civil Rights, which was taught by eight UMW faculty members in fall 2011.  The course had a single main website <http://farmerfsem.umwblogs.org> that was linked to the blog of each instructor’s section.  Each instructor deployed their section’s blog in different ways and had different goals with the blogs. The panel will discuss how the main course website and the section blogs were envisioned in the planning stage and how they worked in practice.  The main course website was intended to be a straightforward central place for course information and, more ambitiously, a way to facilitate dialogue between students in different sections. The panelists will reflect on cross-section communication with the blogs and how they used blogs in their sections.  Ultimately, this panel discussion will examine how the main class website and individual section blogs were essential components of teaching a course with eight instructors using a shared syllabus.

Author: Martha Burtis

Special Projects Coordinator

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