Faculty Academy 2012

Get Your MoJo Back: A Tantalizing Tale of Modern Poetry, Undergraduate Research, and a Digital Archive

Presenters: Mara Scanlon

This presentation will discuss the primary research done by undergraduate students in ENGL 366: Modern Poetry, using the massive, and currently evolving, Modernist Journals Project (http://dl.lib.brown.edu/mjp/).  Under development by Brown and the University of Tulsa, the MJP already includes hundreds of digitized English-language periodicals from 1890-1922, both popular and highbrow, canonical and alternative.  Presenting the journals and magazines in pdf format, the MJP is a digital timecapsule. Recently it has also begun building timelines, biographical information on writers, and a collaborative teaching section.   As I will highlight in my presentation, Modern Poetry students in Spring 2012 completed two different primary research assignments using this archive, immersing themselves in material that until recently was available only in special collections at major libraries.

Author: Martha Burtis

Special Projects Coordinator

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