Faculty Academy 2012

Designing from Values: Online Learning in the Liberal Arts & Sciences Tradition

Presenters: Steve Greenlaw Jim Groom, Martha Burtis, Teresa Coffman, Jane Huffman, Dave MacEwen, Marjorie Och, Melanie Szulczewski, Alan Heffner, Donald Rallis

This panel discussion will review the first year of UMW’s Online Learning Initiative to create a selection of online courses that honor the core values of the liberal arts experience. To some, the term “liberal arts online” is an oxymoron.  That’s certainly not been the experience in our initiative, which has resulted to date in eight new online courses in a range of fields including art history, business administration, computer science (digital storytelling), economics, education, environmental science, geography, and psychology. The first two courses were taught at UMW during the past semester, and the remainder will be taught over the next year. 

In this panel discussion, we will spend time describing the faculty development process the participants went through, and how our approach differs from most approaches to developing online courses by focusing first on a clear articulation and implementation of the core values of liberal education.

We expect the conversation to be wide-ranging, from the current state of online learning; to how to enact online learning that is clearly and closely married to an institution’s core teaching values; to the challenges of taking traditional courses and re-imagining them as online, networked learning experiences; to how digital literacy can be incorporated at an essential, fundamental level into learning online.

Author: Martha Burtis

Special Projects Coordinator

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