Faculty Academy 2012

Going (Almost) Paperless in the Classroom

Presenters: Andrea Smith

Going paperless is appealing:  it’s a way to get with the twenty first century, save a few trees, and never worry about losing a student’s assignment again. However, going paperless is easier said than done. Technical questions abound: what platform to use? What software? What combination will streamline the process? How much will it all cost? How steep will the learning curve be? Other trade offs also need to be considered. For instance, grading digitally allows you to keep perfect records, but also means more time to grade every single paper.

This presentation will focus on the practicalities of going paperless, including some intrinsic limitations to be considered. Being freed from the ubiquitous stack of papers isn’t for everyone, but with realistic expectations and a little trial and error, it can be very rewarding.

Author: Martha Burtis

Special Projects Coordinator

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