Faculty Academy 2012

WordPress at UMW: Where do we go now?

Presenters: Cathy Finn-Derecki Jim Groom, Curtiss Grymala

We now have two robust web pubishing platforms at UMW relying on WordPress MultiSite and Multinetwork. This past year has been devoted largely to implementing the new UMW website, but not in expanding what it can do as a partner with UMW Blogs. The potential we now have at our fingertips in terms of scale and content is largely untapped, and the opportunity we have is pretty exciting. Faculty can be key drivers in how we manage both of these environments to support both the academic mission and the image of the institution. Please join us for a lively discussion of how we can transform our presence on the web and push it to the next stage.

Author: Martha Burtis

Special Projects Coordinator

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